A doctor in Wenzhou high iron boys take fishbone squat according to popular network carmex润唇膏

A doctor in Wenzhou high iron boys take fishbone squat according to popular network news on high temperature iron, the little boy was fishbone stuck in the throat, crying. The doctor used a mobile phone with the car lighting, use chopsticks when the spatula, successfully removed the fishbone. Yesterday, the doctor squat take fishbone picture was posted on the Internet, attracted users praise. Reporters from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wen Medical University stakeholders confirmed that the little boy called Liu Xuejun doctor fishbone clip. Users shoot doctor boy clip according to users "squat fish yesterday, a few meters of time" in the domestic media posting said: in the G64 high-speed railway from Wenzhou to Ji’nan west station, sitting near him who was a fish bone stuck throat, crying loudly. The announcer for the train’s medical staff, a bespectacled doctor rushed to, in the mobile phone under the assistance of the successful use of flight attendants to provide the children a fishbone clip forceps. This is a great doctor, but I don’t know the name of the doctor. 2 year old boy to eat lunch by fishbone stuck in the throat yesterday, reporters by telephone to contact the doctor for children pull bones. Liu Xuejun is Hubei Yichang people, Wen medicine hospital otolaryngology doctor. Liu Xuejun said the day before yesterday at 3 pm, he took the high-speed rail from Wenzhou to Ji’nan, the purpose of this trip is to go to Shandong University Qilu Hospital for further study for 3 months. That night about 5:30 train radio crew emergency: "train children by fish bone stuck throat, if there was a doctor ask passengers?"" Liu Xuejun said he did not think much, quickly rushed to the location of the child, to the crew and the child’s family members to identify, and asked about the situation. Is the throat fishbone card is about 2 year old boy was crying in her mother’s arms, accompanied by symptoms of nausea and vomiting. According to the boy’s mother said the boy is eating on the train when he was a fish bone stuck. The doctor up half numb legs Liu Xuejun, with occupation habits, his first thought is to give children a check, and asked whether we have a flashlight. A male passenger sitting next to the train pulled out a mobile phone, with mobile phone comes with a flashlight lighting for children. He picked up a pair of chopsticks as a spatula to pry open the boy’s mouth. After examination, the boy was part of the throat fishbone stuck in the depths of tonsil. A few minutes later, the flight attendant brought the medical case. He told the boy’s mother caught the boy’s hands and head, as on the tongue spatula boy with chopsticks, the flight attendants provide tweezers extends to the boy’s tonsil fast clip out of the fishbone. "The whole process lasted 10 minutes. But when I got up half his leg has been numb." Liu Xuejun said, when an emergency situation, if not the boy’s throat fishbone caught out in time, may cause other adverse consequences, so he in the rescue process in order to catch the time, then let the little boy by the mother holding a chair to sit on the train, but he only bent leg squat on the ground.相关的主题文章: