Radio and television network square dance contest green division dance cast China dream helmet怎么读

Radio and television network square dance contest green division dance cast "China dream" in November 12, 2016, Guangxi radio and television network second season of "2016 Guangxi national dance square dance contest Invitational third station — Nanning Qingxiu District Station in Nanning City Jianyang City passion competition attracted from the start, Qingxiu district and surrounding counties with a total of 100 square dance elite competition. "It’s so good to be a little amateur!" When the "beauty" and China for having heard it many times square dance rings, dancers dressed in distinctive costumes danced square dance of joy, the audience says. The day of the game, although the weather of drizzle, but near the exquisite and beautiful style attracted hundreds of spectators to watch, to all the participating dance team have greatly inspired. The performance of the team carefully Xiaobian found that the day of the game in addition to the dynamic vitality of the dance, the team is more choice to sing the motherland, singing songs of a better life as the accompaniment. The state for the majority of the citizens rich, strong and prosperous to provide better living environment at the same time, it made little effort to enhance the public spirit of culture, and it is the expression of love of life with dance, the infection to the audience, so the atmosphere becomes ebullience. The same day, after the early, middle and late three fierce competition, the birth of the Nanning green division before the three, they were the first name: Zhu Jin Art Troupe, second Huayi art group, third gold and bronze art troupe, the organizers for the winning team to send a banner, and give the first prize of the first three teams of 1000 yuan two, prize 800 yuan, third-prize 600 yuan cash incentives. In addition to the top three, also named the bean club ten teams won the "top ten award". The winning teams jointly sponsored by the Guangxi radio and television network company, Guilin bank, Guangxi city channel second season national square dance square dance enthusiasts not only to provide a broad dream stage, is to create a new national health cultural name card. "Dancing Guangxi" has not stopped, Baise division in November 13th will be unveiled in Baise forest Plaza, Nanning XiXiangTang District, Beihai division game will be in November 19, 20 staged. The Guangxi radio and television network square dance contest as long as the age of 70 years old, more than 8 people can participate in the competition! As long as you love to dance, good performance, a platform to dance Guangxi waiting for you! Participants can not only exercise, there are bonuses waiting for you to take, in addition to the contest organizers for the finals champion, runner up and second runner up respectively for 20 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan, 8000 yuan of cash prizes, and also set up the finals, to ensure that every one of the finals of the team, can get rich bonus! Your interest before the registration of the square dance enthusiasts, you can also participate in the November 19th Nanning XiXiangTang division and 20 days in Beihai the competition.相关的主题文章: