Ten years of Buddhist road changed my life 残清1864

Ten years of Buddhist road changed my life for ten years a Buddha Buddhist road readme (map) text: Fantasy in the twinkling of an eye for ten years, I have been a buddhist. In the past ten years, I from one of the Dharma absolutely ignorant of becoming a layman, listening to the Dharma, read classical Buddhist, and also to a true disciple of the Buddha buddhism. Looking back to the course of ten years, Buddhism has brought me many life changes. Buddhism not only let me learn to treat others, also let me learn compassion forgiveness of others, more important is the Buddhist Buddhist training my optimistic attitude towards life. Every time I think about ten years history of Buddhism, my heart is full of gratitude. I know that if there is no Buddha to nourish me, maybe I am still in confusion. Ten years ago in the spring, I met with frustration because of marriage, the mood is very low. To this end, I became very pessimistic, often closed their own, do not want to contact with others, every day very depressed. Sometimes all night sleep, but also to become low-spirited day. Gradually, I felt my own personality became a bit strange. I feel that this will not only affect their health, but also endanger their future life. So, I told myself to be free from pessimism, to live a life full of vitality. However, it is not an easy thing to get rid of the depressed mood all at once. I try to communicate more with my friends, to seek their help, and to see a psychologist in extreme disappointment. Although in the process of getting along with them, temporarily out of the pain of the mind, but until I am alone, but feel very lonely. For a few months, I’ve been fighting to change myself, but with little success. In the helpless, I thought to the temple to pray. I thought, perhaps can also burn incense and pray to relieve their emotions. So, I am on a Sunday morning, alone came to the home near the Xiyuan temple to burn incense and pray, heart make a wish. After burned incense in the hall, I also came to be known as the South’s largest Hall of five hundred arhats. In the hall of Arhats, I walked to the different features of the five hundred arhats. See also widely broadcast in the television drama Jigong statue. At that time, in addition to the Holy Spirit of Buddhism, there are many close to life. After the visit of hall of five hundred Arhats, I walked along the corridor of the temple in a circle. In the Buddhist wall before I paused for a long time, carefully read the Buddhist story book and journal abstracts in Buddhism Buddhist sense, feel the philosophy of life. After seeing the Buddhist wall, I thought a lot…… Then, I went to the temple of the free pool to walk in a circle, watching the fish in the pool leisurely walk, feel oneself live is so uncomfortable. Imperceptibly, I came to the temple of Buddhist dharma classroom next Sunday. When the classroom is filled with listening to the Buddhist, I’m standing on the edge to see. There is a Buddhist stood up and said to me: "do you want to listen to the master lecture? Can go to the classroom to listen to." I thought, anyway, I have nothing to do, it is better to listen to. I remember clearly that law.相关的主题文章: