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Worth collecting! The winter delivery note – Sohu maternal cold winter and stop the baby’s birth, although the cold weather, but still can not ignore the winter delivery note, prenatal and postnatal need to take into account the winter, pay attention to the neonatal warm. Winter pregnant women pay attention to what matters? 1, pay attention to the delivery of delivery room winter weather is cold and dry, in the delivery room must add warm equipment, pay attention to the humidity of the air in the delivery room; the doors and windows to shut, preventing the cold wind into the newborn; after the birth, should be timely with a towel or small quilt wrapped, prevent cold. 2, to dress the baby to moderate the baby’s clothes to keep warm, the texture should be soft and comfortable, simple and suitable thickness; in dress, remember not belt system is too tight, so as not to obstruct the neonatal respiratory. 3, improve the ability to adapt to the baby not often put the baby cover up, not the full moon baby can "air bath" in the room, every 1-2 minutes, indoor temperature is not lower than 20 DEG C; second, to give the baby a bath should be fast, after washing, to quickly put on edge was clad in ovo note, don’t catch a cold; persisting in breast fed infants is strong resistance, not easy to sick; the rooming in, promote feelings. Winter is one of the peak seasons for newborn babies. The expectant mother to prevention of disease itself, but also do prenatal material preparation, make the production process in order to let the baby, and their own safety and health. The baby wear underwear, baby underwear absorbent, breathable, soft, it is best to open a jumpsuit; be ready for at least 3 pieces of baby change; to give the baby to prepare a few more small pair of socks, the quality is better; and then prepare the baby outside the underwear, preferably cotton jacket or woolen underwear was discharged from the hospital; when the package was wrapped the baby, the best there is a hat with a cotton bag; the baby needs hat outdoors, a hat is the best soft velvet texture, soft and warm. Mother items: ready for the daily necessities of pregnant women, such as sanitary napkins, etc., in order to prevent the cold, should be more warm, easy to untie clothes. Try not to wear a sweater, cardigan sweater and coat choice. Ready for discharge when wearing hats and scarves and other cold items. Bedding: some hospitals do not provide baby bedding, it is necessary to prepare their own. For baby’s quilt, mattress, blanket, mattress, sheets of urine. Toiletries: buy good quality cotton towel, bath towel and special infant shampoo, liquid soap, toilet paper, bath sponge; nail clippers, and skin care products, bath water temperature, the thermometer, special baby laundry powder and bulk cotton swabs. Bottle: you can choose the size of collocation, bottle scale is not the same, it is convenient to use and to prepare a nipple hole, to be replaced, but also to prepare a bottle brush, also can buy some milk to spare. But in terms of the principle of breast milk, I don’t recommend taking these things to the hospital. Diapers, diapers and wipes, diapers to buy two packs of small first ready, do not buy too much, because the baby grows very quickly..相关的主题文章: