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Love college endowment conference opening ceremony — the success of public welfare — October 9, 2016 at Chongyang, conference the big endowment of Humanistic Love Love college endowment center held a grand opening ceremony college, Tianjin public leadership, from education, health, agriculture and other sectors of the love of the chief expert and international famous college experts and scholars, pension customers thousand people attended the event to witness the love Academy of this annual event. In the strong love of college atmosphere, on the same day to the leaders and guests to experience the unique charm of the type of pension, in the love of college endowment center experience rich and colorful courses, participate in the high level of cultural activities, feelings of life and cultural facilities, high-end hardcover apartments and living for the elderly housekeeper services. The concept of "academy experience personally on the scene of old-age pension" is the innovation, leadership and guests praise. The ceremony, Edmonton large Klc Holdings Ltd President Li Dayan welcome and thank the distinguished guests here and leaders from all walks of life and love the chief expert together for the pension center opening. In the meantime, the great love to the center of the old college students to the background of the magnificent shock of the floor show shows the future of the great love of the Academy of vision. The spirit of comprehensive rich happy old age, old music, worthiness, searching for youthful interest, re blooming life value, let happiness pension is not only hold hands with you the warmth of dependency, became a new starting point in life. The host site interview academy founder and Dean of the college endowment love Mr. Zhao Jianzhong, he talked about "the old happiness" is a beautiful vision of love founded the college, but also in practice to explore the fundamental purpose of College endowment. The elderly are the most people to contribute to the community, the most people, they should also be able to get more happiness in society. Years to give the elderly a stronger sense of life and wisdom, the value of the social value of the elderly and the impact is enormous. The quality of their lives, not only related to the well-being of the elderly, but also an important issue related to social happiness index. By working together, love college will become a vibrant Learning Paradise, a charismatic spiritual home, a place to leave the land of idyllic beauty. Love college principal expert representatives for the great love of college endowment was highly praised. Through such a platform, so that a lot of energy and the dream of the elderly to achieve their dreams when they were young, they have a valuable, life style of life, so he was shocked. In the future, they will fully cooperate with the great love college in the international cooperation and exchange platform for the elderly education, spare no effort to support the love of college to the world. The opening ceremony culminated in the fireworks, let everyone at the scene shocked and lead a person to endless aftertastes. The love college endowment center grand opening, fully demonstrated the great love academy endowment different cultural connotation and meaning endowed with beautiful future old age life, love the new concept of college endowment successful landing, more aging China into endless vitality! Industry dynamic for the purpose of transferring more information posted this article that does not mean that agree with their view)相关的主题文章: