Embedded kitchen electric industry leader jcuv是什么车

Embedded kitchen electric industry lead singer with the ability to enhance the consumer, more and more consumers began to pursue high quality, simple, convenient, healthy and beautiful home appliance products, in the process of home appliance purchase, price factors accounted for gradually decline, embedded cupboard, oven and other electric kitchen with its decent and space saving advantages. Become a hot kitchen appliances, the traditional kitchen electric faded. The embedded kitchen electric market developed in recent years, the industry has been said "the public demand for home appliances reached saturation, to the mining industry a new growth point, the two functions must be product development, manufacturing industry of the new growth point of the embedded electric kitchen has become a new growth point of kitchen electric industry, and gradually developed mature, has a larger scale. According to the PRC, monitoring data show that in 2016 1~8 months, embedded kitchen appliances, retail sales of steam boiler reached 1 billion 170 million yuan, retail sales growth of 104.9%, retail sales reached 188 thousand units, in the embedded kitchen electric products growth after embedded dishwasher; electric oven retail sales reached 1 billion 200 million yuan, retail sales growth rate 59.8%, retail sales reached 211 thousand units, in the embedded electric kitchen category growth after dishwashers and electric steamer. Because the modern decoration style changes, kitchen electric embedded electric kitchen compared to traditional placed in the table, more space saving and beautiful and decent, from the cupboard, the oven to steam stove, dishwasher kitchen electric, more embedded style. Reporters came to the kitchen area sand garden appliance City Bridge on the third floor of the store, see the brand FOTILE, Midea, Vanward, SIEMENS, etc. the boss counters, can see the embedded electric kitchen figure, and almost all of the majority, the brand counters are the main push embedded kitchen electric products. Then, reporters connect to Sha Yuan kitchen appliances division to Mr. Chen, he learned that, due to the majority of the people are in the suite, electric cooking custom, so favored embedded electric kitchen. Chen said: in fact, as early as 4 or 5 years ago, the market began to switch to the embedded kitchen electricity, and now has grown mature, traditional desktop kitchen electricity has begun to be phased out. In the cupboard for example, displayed in the counter in the cupboard, there are 8 Taiwan is embedded, only 2 is a desktop." Home decoration trend of embedded kitchen electric reporter specially compares traditional kitchen electric and embedded kitchen electricity price difference, the difference between the price discovery, such as: desktop cupboard 1000 yuan in general, even the boss, FOTILE and other high-end brand cupboard also only hundreds of yuan; embedded cupboard is generally more than 1000 yuan, embedded the cupboard boss, FOTILE and other high-end brands even up to 5000 yuan ~6000 yuan. In the face of such a big price difference, there are still many consumers choose the embedded kitchen. According to Mr. Chen said, in the "double 11" on the day, daily sales accounted for all the cupboard cupboard embedded 40%~50%, as many as more than and 20 single brand. He said, because the embedded kitchen electric market developed, the higher the price, in addition to the public consumption ability also increased gradually, so the purchase has many people would rather pay more to buy embedded kitchen electric products. Recently, the reporter interviewed new homes.相关的主题文章: