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Fig nearly flat green was suddenly dug workers despite the opposition said to build a parking lot green is not where it is pouring cement loess exposed here is the original park is a good place for leisure, the surrounding residents now destroyed, green like a huge "Scar" Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Gongzhang Wen Mao Zhaoqing drawing attention for yesterday, many people in Fuzhou to reflect: Haidu near Cangshan Jin Rong road and Pavilion Road intersection, nearly a thousand square meters of green were dug, to build a parking lot. The reporters rushed to the scene, found that there are large green shovel out, there have been hundreds of square meters of cement. It is understood that the Fuzhou Municipal Gardens Bureau, Cangshan District Bureau of parks, Cangshan District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau staff has to stop construction, and withheld the construction vehicles. Dig green parking lot is submitted for approval, who is the construction side, the Department is investigating. Suddenly a group of people regardless of residents opposed to shovel out the lawn "two or three days ago, a gang of men burst into the green lawn, excavation, said to build parking lot!" nearby residents said, there are a number of greenbelt near, many people in this casual, to keep green, some residents have a face to stop, but the workers ignored to continue the construction. The first contact of the sea are reported public Mr. Wu said, yesterday morning, there are two cars to go to the site, in which a cement tanker. Workers will begin to see the beginning of cement, residents immediately report to the relevant departments. Garden City, law enforcement officers then arrived at the scene, stop construction, and suspension of construction vehicles. Yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene, nearly a thousand square meters of turf was dug out, one side, there are hundreds of square metres of cement. When interviewed by reporters, the scene gathered a number of unidentified men, but also with mobile phone reporter. However, the reporter approached asked, these men did not answer. Green garden city hosted by the community, has been involved in the reporter’s inquiry found that in June last year, Hoi newspaper reported this piece of green garbage all over without supervision. At that time, Jinshan street Jin Jun community has responded, here is the green construction of Wanda Plaza, the government requires the construction of supporting green, not to the Wanda Plaza, hosted by the community. Yesterday, the reporter also interviewed Jinshan street stakeholders. The source said that after receiving reports from the public, the relevant situation has been reported. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of parks and law enforcement detachment. Relevant sources, after receiving the report, yesterday morning, they and the Cangshan District Bureau of parks and law enforcement officers rushed to the scene, due to the territorial jurisdiction of the principle, the matter is currently responsible for the investigation of the Cangshan District garden department. Cangshan District Bureau of parks, said the person concerned, whether the construction of the parking lot after approval, who is the constructor, is still under investigation, temporarily not clear. Public appeal: departments should conduct a thorough investigation to the people interviewed yesterday also green, green near many residents believe that a green good should not destroy, instead of the parking lot. Some people said that Fuzhou is a national garden city, livable city, which is inseparable from the tireless efforts of Fuzhou to protect the city’s ecology. Today, in the city’s "concrete forest", any one of the parks, green spaces are very valuable, it is worth treasuring. These parks, green spaces, both.相关的主题文章: