Quanzhou, a man fake business welfare lottery fraud was arrested nearly 390 thousand yuan 残清1864

A man in Quanzhou welfare lottery fraud counterfeit business nearly 390 thousand yuan was arrested Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou September 23rd news (reporter Zhan Weizhi correspondent Chen Ling Wang Kewen) before the lions Lake police successfully destroyed a fake business welfare lottery betting fraud dens, arrested 8 suspects, seized 8 sets of computer, 11 mobile phone etc. the tools of crime, money collection of nearly 390 thousand yuan. At the beginning of September, the police through the careful investigation and research found that there is a group of suspects via mobile phone software to search for people in the vicinity, and then chat cooked after the fraud. Police quickly launched an investigation, eventually locked the fraud dens of the region. Subsequently, the mobilization of police quickly went to the Lake police station Shishi Changfu area thoroughly investigation, successfully arrested Wang and other 8 gang in a rented house. The investigation, Wang is the crime boss. Wang explained that he and his girlfriend from March this year in Shishi Lam Road rented a rental housing, recruitment information to attract members through the recruitment website, the salary is basic salary of 3000 yuan plus pumped into. Members of the interview after the success of the company to accept the training, each sent a company to provide mobile phones, and then train them to use the company to provide the number of people around the search, screening some people seem to have more money to add friends. Familiar with these friends and later, the suspect step by step to lure them to the company to provide the network to recharge the chain to buy lottery tickets. Wang said: "these are bought online, some others are used, has been registered for a long time, so that others do not suspicious." Wang and others will usually send some beauty in the circle of friends photos with location information, positioning software bought to all parts of the country, and then add the search near the person as a friend. In the chat, casual friends said that the recent lottery win, and then made some winning screenshots. Wait for the other party to believe that after the return of a fake welfare lottery website, to participate in the bet had to recharge. He also explained, on this website is not likely to win the bet, because the site opened what number is the backstage personnel in the operation, account balances are also displayed on the virtual value. Money into the account of this site, it has been transferred back to the operator. At first let people bet to win a little money, let the victim believe can win, lure them recharge more money bet. At present, the police have identified the deceived people in various provinces and cities, cheated amount of nearly 390 thousand yuan, the case is still under further investigation. >相关的主题文章: