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Wang Feng to sell Chinese original music works of Wang Feng Amway praised Li Xia Li Xia Wang Feng Chinese original music to sell Amway Sina music entertainment news "2016 new songs" Chinese has ushered in the new stage of tutor at the end of last Friday, Wang Feng and Jielun [micro-blog] two instructors team duel, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao, Xu Geyang. Liu Wentian and Jielun clan to ocean, low-key combination, Haneda successfully entered the sprint night bird’s nest. In this round of confrontation, Wang Feng’s dream team, a student to leave the Beijing, a victory over the group of Jielun to sing the success of the promotion of the group of. It is not difficult to find from the previous "good voice" to "new sound" stage, more and more independent music and rock works appear in our field of vision, mentor Wang Feng is to spare no effort to recommend Chinese original music. In recent years, the authoritative music reality show, Wang Feng repeatedly for independent music people "Dage", a horse [micro-blog] the "blockade", Zhao Lei’s "Youth" once in "Jin good voice sounded on the stage, again this year for students Jiang Dunhao chose this song" leaving Beijing ". This mixture of inspirational struggle and ideological melancholy work from Ningxia musician Li Xiazhi hand, through the guidance of Professor Wang Feng, the 21 year old Jiang Dunhao took a bad song to deal with emotional level, music reviews praising and win. Wang Feng, a Chinese folk song and rock musician who has repeatedly heard the new song, has been hoping that the works of these musicians will be known by more people, "said Amway. It is understood that the "left Beijing" is the musician Li Xia wrote in the years of cooperation guitarist left Beijing works, Wang Feng accidentally heard the song works deeply touched after fifteen minutes, through a variety of relationships to find and call the Li Xia and said "be strangers to each other, this song gave me a long moment moved! This man is very simple and introverted, but his love story can be romantic, absolutely can make a movie. Such a good musician, such a good song, must let everyone hear to see!" After the broadcast of Li Xia also expressed gratitude: "thanks to the peak brother understood and respected my music, this is really his arrangement beyond all expectations nicely, self-made PVC pipe instrument was the best!" Wang Feng not only let Jiang Dunhao love on the stage select "left Beijing" as repertoire, also invited Li Xia as their internet music podcast guests, whether on the stage or in private with the real action to recommend outstanding Chinese musicians.相关的主题文章: