[core] cabbage fried boneless meat as beautiful as winter cabbage, bamboo shoots and Sohu 木村kaela

[core] cabbage fried boneless meat as beautiful as winter cabbage, bamboo shoots and Sohu – as the saying goes: "as beautiful as winter cabbage, bamboo shoots, visible status in the minds of Chinese cabbage. Cabbage is a good meaning "100 wealth", is also a all-match dishes, the most common collocation can also be tall on radish, potatoes, seafood each kind of collocation, collocation gives a fresh feeling, no matter you are cooking high or low, can make a delicious Home Dishes. Cabbage is the origin of vegetables in China, cultivation history is long. "Three thousand years ago" absorb the quintessence of Book of Songs "in the valley, the lower body" records, including "turnip" includes seven species of mustard, cabbage, a turnip, cabbage cabbage is like this. To the Tang Dynasty has bred white cabbage, to the Yuan Dynasty, the real Chinese cabbage appeared. Yuan Hu SaiHui in "Yin Shan Zheng Yao" first "song" directly called cabbage and map. Cabbage and light self containing fragrance, so easy to cook, whether it is to do the soup, stir fry, boil stew is very delicious. The poet Yuan Mei in "the food" in the single was set: "this dish in the North who is better, or with vinegar to hug, or add a small shrimp simmer and cooked to eat, the latest color and taste change." Another common practice is preserved, is often put the whole cabbage to the root after the vertical cut, a broken four, with a small jar of pickles, put salt, the cabbage in which food is porridge or flavored with shochu can. The Qing Fu Dun Chong said in "Yanjing mind at the age": "Chinese cabbage, but also salted cabbage. Where to send porridge home, will be used as deputy. Dish the beauty of evil, and the family can bu." And the king of dishes in the reputation of the name, it is said that Mr. Qi Baishi or old. All the old have a freehand Chinese cabbage chart, the sentence: "the peony is the king of flowers, the litchi mince, only cabbage vegetables regardless of the king, why?" So the "king of vegetables" reputation has spread like wildfire, spread so far. The Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum — the "jade cabbage" is the most precious in the world "cabbage". (Baidu finishing) [core] cabbage fried boneless meat ingredients: pig bone stick and cabbage core, red pepper, ginger, garlic, bean paste; steps: 1, pig bone rod cut pieces, water soak, filtered bloody; cold water pot, put cooking wine, geraniol, anise, cinnamon and other spices and after the fire to boil, remove, in the flow of warm water to the floating foam; 2, the prepared porcine bone stick into the rice cooker, add enough water, put garlic, scallion, water boil and cook for about half an hour; remove pig bone micro rod, after the meat out. Large pieces of meat shredded into small pieces; boneless meat with a small amount of salt, soy sauce marinated in advance; 3, Chinese cabbage core hand torn into small pieces, wash and drain; red pepper wash cut; garlic, chopped ginger respectively; 4, take pot heat oil, into the beans Petal sauce, stir up Chili oil; add garlic, ginger, red pepper, spicy stir, pour into the cabbage core, add a small amount of salt, stir fry until six or seven mature, add boneless meat, pour a little soy sauce, soy sauce, fry cabbage core off Sheng, sprinkle a little sugar fresh, clean wok dish. Chicago language: 1, Chinese cabbage core, boneless meat will be shredded as well; eviscerate.相关的主题文章: