Juliet, you’re coming! There’s a Romeo at the door 残清1864

Juliet, you’re coming! The door is called Romeo – Alfa · for auto Sohu; Romeo at the door, you slightly jiaochen ask who? Results no response. Carefully look through the peephole, suddenly did not hold back, shouting: "wow! This guy is a real killer!" The mention of the name Romeo, the first impression is in Shakespeare’s elegant beautiful boy. When the romantic name and passionate sports car, together with contact sign "cannibal snake", you can imagine it on the Italian complex emotions. In 1910, when the Alpha Company was founded, founder of the Milan City Cross emblem and the Visconti family snake pattern together in a heterogeneous automobile industry was born. 24HP is a Alpha Company’s debut, appearing in the Italy romantic classical style, by the introduction of fast car factory completed capital accumulation, and the first appearance in the 1911 Targa Florio contest victory. In July 1913, Alfa officially entered the car at the time of the aristocratic movement. 1915, Naples tycoon Nicola · (Nicola Romeo) shares of the car factory in. In the same year, the first World War broke out, Italy was involved in the war, Alfa was forced to stop production. Until 1918 the end of the war, Nicola mastered the right to operate Alfa’s reconstruction of the destroyed buildings and into his name — Alfa · Romeo was born in the label. The first encounter "love" that was a little girl I still grab the lollipop day. One day, my dad took me to the streets, the golf and small tail, behind the words "urban Golf"; also with the jeep carburetor on two words when the unit masters is the habit of. And although I was small, but the street 99% car can, until the city bought a childe Italy Pony: Father: "this is called fast?? close? 156, also a version of the GTA… (omitted 500 words)." Although the time has passed so long, there is no sense of the kind of head after seeing the expansion. But the fast?? close? Razor sharp appearance really amazing to me. 3.2 liter V6 engine, maximum power of 250 horsepower, peak torque of 300 cattle · m, 0-100 km acceleration time of 6.3 seconds, the speed of 250 km. Poussin and Xiali owners put the pedal and two voice can’t roar and noise than it. Two words: intoxicating! After that, I never saw it again. And with the growth of experience,??? Alfa was officially replaced by · Romeo. Obviously, whether it’s a real car or a picture, you’ll always be surprised to see it at the first sight. And the face full of literary and artistic atmosphere in the following days will be slowly out of their own, when the restless engine began to turn into相关的主题文章: