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Local budget and final accounts can not only let the accounting to understand the place to further promote the work of the budget and final accounts, recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the local budget and final accounts open operating procedures. "Regulations" explicitly, where should be open to the general public budget, the government fund budget, the state capital budget, the social insurance fund budget of four of the budget, not less, not publicly disclose the matters that should be disclosed, to achieve full coverage of the local government public budget system. To allow people to understand, to monitor. (November 22nd economic information daily) announced the local budget and final accounts, is the need to achieve fiscal transparency. With the increase in government fiscal transparency over the past few years, to the local public finance budget and final accounts have done very well, so that people can see". Once again, the Ministry of finance to develop norms, is to let the published budget, accounts become the norm, to better accept the supervision of the people, so as to standardize the local fiscal expenditure, the money on the blade. Although the budget, the final accounts of the people have achieved a visible, but there are regrets, that is, do not understand, do not know exactly what it means. So, a lot of people sigh: this budget, the final accounts are only financial staff to see the clear". The budget and final accounts to the public is a good thing, reflecting the government’s determination to accept supervision. However, if there is a phenomenon that can not see, then lost the meaning of the announcement. Last year, as a local media reporter, I participated in the two sessions reported. In consideration of the government budget, final accounts report, the hands of each NPC deputies have received a budget report". Ordinarily, the scope of supervision that is not small, but appeared awkward. A man sitting next to me asked me, do you know what this means? I looked and shook my head. I said I couldn’t understand. In fact, there are a lot of do not understand the people’s Congress, the National People’s Congress is from the grassroots, they are workers, farmers, is the branch secretary, they are not professional, do not know what is the "budget report", in addition to the complex numbers, is a complex language. When the "budget report" has become a mumbo-jumbo, how to realize the supervision? This is what we usually say: gehangrugeshan. The doctor will not be able to do business, the business will not see a doctor. Even if the budget is released without any problems, people can not see clearly. If the report is a problem, they can’t understand it. Announced financial expenditure, is to accept supervision, only let people understand the role of the system to play. This requires the realization of the financial expenditure of the people language version, reduce the use of professional terms, to the public when the translation.相关的主题文章: