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"I don’t want to bring a new parity space — real estate industry — original title:" don’t want to bring the new parity space industry of Dafen Oil Painting Village, the famous for painting the Shenzhen Longgang village, in the 28 years of development, has experienced a round of international economic situation changes baptism. As a microcosm of the development of cultural industry China. To start copying the world famous Dafen Village, once the performance is very proud, occupy the world oil market share of 70%. However, with the cost advantages of gradually decreasing, the protection of intellectual property rights increasingly popular, the international economic situation is fluctuant, Dafen Village had many development crisis. The spontaneous formation of oil painting industry village, how to consolidate its market position, turn the crisis and rebirth in the crisis, a test of each market participant in Dafen village. In this process, not eliminated a few. Many media have reported the lonely scene and helpless Dafen painters. Liu Yajing, director of the Management Office of Dafen Oil painting village also admitted that there is indeed some paintings and painters enterprises suffered operating the blow, not anti crisis, be out of the market. Luan and Liyin undoubtedly in the process, become the Dafen people in the eyes of the market winner. 19 years, his business, with a few students from copying the small workshop into annual sales of 80 million yuan market leader. However, in his story, the reporter did not see "will not live the dangerous moment, did not see the picture from the unknown confused. In his narrative, everything was calm and natural. The encounter with the overall situation of Dafen Village is a little misfits. And behind this, is actually prepared to take precautions in the transformation of the way. "I don’t want to tell others parity, this sentence reflects Liyin Luan said he wanted to different business ideas. Therefore, when many market participants follow from a certain type of product price war, he is always thinking of innovative ideas, do not the same. This is the idea, so that every time he was in the transition before the crisis. It is precisely because of this, his business has not been affected by the financial crisis. Interviewed many business stories, heard a lot of a close call the recovery, exclaimed the wonderful at the same time, reporters also often think about a problem: for a business, so thrilling to experience several times to the broad road ahead? How to estimate the changes in the market, ahead of the layout to avoid the potential risk of the occurrence of the test every entrepreneur’s vision and courage. Each entrepreneur to explore every step forward, the development of the industry has brought more possibilities. When the industry has more possibilities, the Chinese economy will have more possibilities. From before the original ability of the industry chain stretched, widened to now pursue the development of cross-border implementation of mixed operation, every attempt Liyin Luan, regardless of whether all achieved market recognition, but it does give the cultural industry brought a trace of excitement and vitality, provide more space to be explored for the whole development of the industry the. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: