Yan value first era of new military training on the military value of beauty on the sidelines to sav mine_清翼

"Yan value first" era of new military training on the military value of beauty on the sidelines of Yan save another school season a year, in the "yen value first" era, the first lesson of college military training is undoubtedly a nightmare of 98 freshmen". In the hot sun, keep a summer skin will vanish like soap bubbles many netizens said "baby, just want to quietly do not want military training". Recently, opened in the capital of a university campus playground "military value to save Yan" the envy of many freshmen. In the rest of the military training in their spare time, students not sat in the shade to rest, but was on the sidelines of the "save the value of Yan" attracted several "lucky" new beauty lying in bed receiving facial care, surrounded by the crowd, we have come up with a mobile phone camera. This is the original value of the so-called "Yan military rescue", a group of girls was resting at the side of busy secret consultation and advice of skin care sunscreen, and several girls have to lie down in advance experience began to experience after sun repair beauty service. 98 years of the birth of "pen" to become the first user experience, her roommate and friends were also pulled out a mobile phone to take photos for her. In the field of makeup crafted, finally took off the mask pen caused the crowd a bursts of praise, "this is better than a military training before white color." Pan naughty response: "who says I’m black? Let’s white!" the out of the ordinary "yen value campaign" also let micro-blog users on the topic # raged, new military training # beauty courtside login micro-blog hot list, very contrast "military training" and "beauty" eye zhichuo freshmen pain points, many netizens commented, "now the kids really happy ah, while the military side do beauty, blame themselves too early." "This is what school ah, why we are drawn to the military base that was completely shade the sun ah, hate!" of course there are some controversial voices, "University of military training should be serious, don’t let the kids too playfully." With the "after 98" began to enter the university campus, the university culture is because of the addition of this group of new-new generation and become more tolerant and energetic. 98 after the group’s growth environment determines that they are a group of people willing to accept new things, keen sense of touch. At the same time, they also know more about life, willing to treat themselves, know how to enjoy better service with low cost. As the mobile Internet by the 98 generation, after the various social APP, electricity providers and local life O2O platform play is very keen, Baidu Nuomi for the new flagship of the yen value rescue activities, military training and the beauty of the super mix is their appetite, let students use the coolest and most practical way enjoy the surprises and welfare.相关的主题文章: