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Deng Chao: don’t want kids now want to snuggle [Abstract]9 18 films, with the day before release, "passing from your world" all the way, now Deng Chao starred in the movie the total box office has exceeded 10 billion. Deng Chao Sun Li information morning news November 14th news (Lu Yier) 9 years of the 18 film, with the day before release, "passing from your world" all the way, now Deng Chao starred in the movie the total box office has exceeded 10 billion. The release of the micro-blog news at his studio in the comments, there are tens of billions of Mr. congratulations on becoming the "Congratulations sound, why would the guest have similar" pancake man "is also included in the voices of doubt to individual achievement. As the two Deng Chao on the side of colored voice from the actor to the reality show fixed MC, comedy director, super theatre founder, a new identity not only brings more attention to him, also brought mixed reviews. In Deng Chao’s view, he has been a "crazy drama", obsessed, and for other "sideline" whole-heartedly, only to live out their own way, "I know a bunch of people scold me, but I’m sorry, I will always be here, as I work as a straight down." "These kids can play theater to buy a car I happy" Deng Chao, Zhang Yibai, Zhang Jiajia, the three had eight pole not hit a person, because the movie "from you is the world passing" together. Before the play, Deng Chao had not heard of the name of Zhang Jiajia, "I thought it was a lady."". Self deprecating Deng Chao read novels with very limited knowledge and scanty information ", with these cured countless readers a bedtime story is not only about love, is more like a window," there is a story in the style of a window, there is a family, a feeling of fate." In the film Deng Chao’s "prototype at the end of the outgoing autistic Chen" is the author, and the fate of the two men continued off screen. In June this year, the super theater unveiling of Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, Wang Qi and others to build, now recalled due to play "Deng Chao and Zhang Jiajia are discussing what story adapted into a drama," he told the story of ordinary people living in the face of frustration, from the odd sense of that fate, it is suitable for the stage." The "super Theatre", a lot of people just to taunt him money, but for Deng Chao, the original intention is very simple, for yourself and for young people who have the talent but no place to display a stage, "my life credo is free, there is a place you can go back and play, but also to please a lot a good artist. And now the professional troupes that seldom recruit people, grow a little people to come here. I can circle the dream that you can. I was happy that the children were acting to buy a car. I had to do this. I wouldn’t let the hope go." As for the money Deng Chao bluntly now groundless talk, theater business is not good to do, start doing some partners ready to lose money, we want to pay much money is not done." The role of "if they should walk in the street, don’t know each other", "sun burning heart" in the dark to the police, "Mermaid" in the arrogance of the real estate tycoon, "passing from your world" in vain sensitive radio相关的主题文章: