Beautiful jewelry made of human teeth 乃々果花

Made with beautiful jewelry threatens human teeth of multiple species living in an age of poaching ivory, a young designer in Holland with our own Ivory teeth to create "egalitarian jewelry". Lucie Majerus when pulling teeth, the idea of the "ivory" collection of human. She gathered her teeth and realized that they could be used as jewelry. Her impassioned geological asked: "why did we pay more attention to the other species far beyond their own teeth? Contrary to the materialistic values, human ivory is designed to make us value our values. It is suggested that we value our own ‘material’ rather than the teeth of other species, and let us reconsider the meaning of traditional treasures. What will happen if we dig out the value of our ivory and turn it into jewelry?" Her teeth turned into a ring, but in order to create a series of teeth jewelry, she needs more materials. But it was not a good idea to have a tooth pulled out of her teeth, so she asked her dentist to leave the patient with no teeth. Most of the teeth will not take away their teeth, so they are usually donated to dental schools. Majerus is there in Holland from an Hefen design school teacher got two teeth mentor, at the moment she had collected enough human teeth. In order to make human teeth into popular jewelry, Lucie Majerus first bleached them, and then use the machine to change them into a variety of different shapes. The molar is very thick, can be made into the shape of pearls, and incisors and canines into a teardrop shape. While she was making her teeth look, she took some of the disgusting elements of the human teeth. Majerus showed her human teeth jewelry at this year’s Holland design week, she said the reaction was mostly positive: "surprisingly, most people don’t like jewelry is scared, they love the idea. Some people regret that they did not leave their teeth down, and some people who are going to extract teeth, very looking forward to extraction." Affected by the initial success of the project to encourage, the Luxemburg born designer has now started to accept the Commission, will be human teeth into a variety of shapes and accessories, such as rings, tie clip, cufflinks and etc.. Source: Fried Eggs相关的主题文章: