AFC Champions League for Shenhua occupy the initiative over the completion of the task or MANSANO (v foxpro6.0免费下载

AFC Champions League for Shenhua take over the task report or Manzano [] 1-1 Rinaldy Neo Moreno Tencent Shenhua Fuli Jiangong sports news September 11th although not able to achieve the final victory, but well in combat on R & F to get a point, on the road of Shanghai Shenhua, is already a good result. A draw, let them continue at two points, beat city rivals Shanghai port ranked super third. The league has finished the 24 round, Shenhua League AFC Champions League distance threshold, a step forward. Shenhua AFC Champions League closer distance of the game, Shenhua scene although it looks somewhat passive, but actually played a good offensive efficiency, in absolute access, even more than the Shenhua Fuli home court. If Zhang Lu and Lu Zheng in the face of opportunities to grasp to calm a bit, perhaps Shenhua can win third games away win of the season tonight. Of course, from Guangzhou to get out, to the "Ba" era of Shenhua is an acceptable result. Although not fantasy Hengda able to counter attack the top position, but at least in the impact AFC Champions League League, Shenhua has seen the hope. If it is a long time no see Shenhua game, will be astonished at their current position. Because in the second half of last season, Shenhua did not show the potential impact to AFC Champions League qualification. When all the people’s attention in Hong Kong and China Happy body, but did not expect the end of the league, but Shenhua to occupy a favorable position. From this point of view, several opponents Shenhua face in the future, including Beijing Guoan, hard strength is not too strong; compared to the main rival for the AFC Champions League qualification of the Shanghai port (the future face of continuous Suning, and Luneng Hengda), Shenhua will be relaxed too much, in the first round of the FA Cup semi-final defeat to Jiangsu home court Suning, Shenhua want to rely on the FA Cup qualifying AFC Champions League hope, have been in jeopardy. But what is the so-called shouzhisangyu FA Cup, frustrated at the same time, Shenhua in the league but maintain a strong competitiveness, does not seem to drag on the season by ba. If you want to remember tougong words, coach Manzano is undoubtedly the first of his, the former coach of the super skill is good, can be a nearly four years of achievements, always suspended in midair disruption in the team’s tactical system into force now. Now the Shenhua scene has no clue of the past that feeling. Whether offensive or defensive, everywhere embodies the exquisite and rigorous MANSANO type. Take advantage of the scene of the control, in sharp counterattack downwind, "a sound basis for the best describe shenhua. In addition, also not talking about the existence of Moreno, the Columbia star to play a perfect interpretation of the spiritual leader of the team, he has not remember how many times to save the team from fire, to have such a big heart of the captain, is Shenhua to. If not entangled in the FA Cup loss, Shenhua currently need to fight only toharmonious. Shenhua team can withstand the test of single combat, but also the wisdom of the coach, schedule and can easily turn the tide at the critical moment of the star. "Rob three", Shenhua can)相关的主题文章: