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Computers-and-Technology How do those Free Xbox 360 sites work? We have all seen the outrageous banners , congratulations you are 999,999 th visitor you have won a free xbox 360 or should paris Hilton still be in jail, answer for a free xbox 360. There are two regular thoughts, that you come up with when you see these ads: 1. No one will give me a free xbox 360 2. I will have to refer half of the world to this site. Those are mostly true, for the ads that you see.,, and others who are the pioneers of the freebie industry, are not exactly user-friendly, but they are not a scam. First, your email address will be flooded with a ton of spam, from various sponsors from free gifts to loan offers Second, you will need to complete numerous sponsored offers including Netflix, Loan offers, or Credit Card Offers. This can add up to be pretty expensive. Thirdly, they will try to disqualify you from receiving your free gift, if you do anything wrong. Like using a wrong mailing address when you signed up, or using a different email or mailing address for the offer that you signed up for. They may also require you to get referrals. But if you follow all the instructions to the T you will receive your ‘free’ xbox 360. As you can see, it is not really a free xbox 360. But, recently there are many legitimate ‘freebie sites’ that are more user-friendly. Surveyrewardscenter allows you to get a free xbox 360 elite with NO REFERRALS, NO TRIAL OFFERS , NO PYRAMID SCHEME. To get your free xbox 360 is simple, you just need to complete a simple survey that will ask you if you are interested in certain ideas, this will provide the site with important research information. After you complete the survey they will ask you to sign up for optional , and all you have to do is click continue at the bottom of the screen and you will be given your free xbox 360. It will take a couple of weeks or a month for them to ship out your free xbox 360. to get the complete information and to sign up for your xbox 360, please visit Free xbox 360s are just one of the things you can get for free, some other popular freebies are iphones, giftcards, and videogames. It is completely free, so what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose but a free xbox 360 to gain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: