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Mobile-Cell-Phone To make his different image among stylish users everyone is looking for attractive handset with latest features, light weight, and great connectivity features. For such users who want to enjoy something new with the new handset Nokia N97 is the great handset that has some amazing features with latest look and light weight. It is centre of attraction because of its great look and worth admirable features. The handset is able to fulfill all expectations of modern users. It is not only good looking cell phone but also has treasure of entertainment features in it. Features are the main thing that decides the quality of the handset. To enjoy latest features anyone can buy Nokia N97 . The handset belongs to N-series of nokia that is well known for its modern handsets. it is a touch screen mobile phone and is the first member to include this feature among N-series family. The cell phone comes with a 3.5 inch TFT display screen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. It also included a 5 MP in built camera with auto focus, an MP3 player, FM radio, GPS navigation system, Nokia maps and java games. Mentioned all features can be hardly found with other handsets. Worth exposing feature of Nokia N97 is the internet connection that makes it entirely different and superior to its counterparts. This handset is called mini computer because of its internet connection. Buying this new handset is also very easy for any one because the handset is available on both pay monthly and pay as you go deals with major network service providers. Pay monthly mobile phone deals are very friendly and reduce the cost of handsets. The customers can get various free gifts, incentives and other attractive offers with this phone by the various mobile phone retailers. To get the right deal of your handset you can take the help of online mobile phone websites where you can compare various deals available on Nokia N97 mobile contract deals . For this all you have to do is just visit an online phone shop and select your choicest deal by comparing the prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: