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SEO The advent of Internet has offered another exclusive medium for doing business in the form of eCommerce. Almost, every ambitious business organization is now strengthening its position with an added platform of web to attract customers. However, as business anywhere has its own fixed set of rules, so the success of online venture depends on a large extent on certain specific rules that you need to follow. Basic Requirements of Ecommerce Keep the process simple, concise and precise. Many a time, customers will lose their interest and patience, if they have to click more than three times to conduct a purchase. Hence, try to achieve a smooth navigation and make the sales process as trouble-free as possible. Ensure that all links flashing on your site, work. Maintain a regular trial method to figure out failed links instantaneously. Nowadays, many free programs are available in the market to perform this activity. Largely avoid special software requirements to showcase your products. People consider it as a burden to download some new software just to browse your site. Successful eCommerce are those, where potential customers find out about products effortlessly and get to buy them at one go. Give easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember name to your links. For example, if you are selling flowers and the link is for red roses, name the link as redrose.html and not redrose01123.html. Try to stay away from a splash page as an ‘introduction’ to your site. People usually, dont have time to watch it and wish to get on the original content as soon as possible (especially in case of dial up). Maintain simple graphics and language that users can easily understand. People who use internet frequently for the purpose of buying things may easily get annoyed with complicated navigation and large graphic files. Try to stay away from frames for navigation uses as people using old model computers; mostly they block the frames when navigating sites, to make it faster. And, if all your navigation directions are based on frames, many such probable customers would leave your site. In case you are dealing in hard goods, or have a narrow inventory, clearly mention about the availability of a product early in the navigation relating to it. You may lose out on a potential customer, if after the entire process, he discovers at the last click that the product he ordered is not in stock. Customers often hesitate in returning back to sites that are frustrating or hard to navigate. Remember that initially, your business largely depends on repeat customers and word of mouth advertising. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: