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Advertising Banner Advertising is one of the common means of promoting a brand through digital media. Presenting the brand message on a particular website, a banner advertising display is intended to attract traffic to the website or landing page of the brand by linking it to the website of the advertiser. The advertiser displays the brand message through the banner ad which is loaded on a web browser. When viewers on the site click on the banner, s/he is directed to the website or landing page that is advertised through the banner display. Known as Click through, it depends upon the attractive features of the brand message so that maximum visitors are easily allured to click on the ad display. Web banners are not different from the same traditional advertisements that are intended to function, notifying target customers about the product, service or business and also presenting reasons why the customers should choose the product (that is advertised). The results of a banner advertising campaign through digital media differ from conventional advertisements in the manner in which it can be monitored real-time and may be targeted to the viewers interests. Text-based banner ads or graphical-based banner ads further have their own advantages and disadvantages. A right blend of text and graphic is therefore an ideal tactic of launching a banner ad campaign as a part of the brands internet advertising solutions. An excellent way to promote your brand/business, generate traffic, increase sales and to promote specials, banner advertising is the most preferred tool of internet advertising for various advertisers. To know more about banner ads, take a look at the following paragraphs that provide information about a few forms of banner ads. Banner Exchange- One of the most common forms of banner advertising is banner exchange. In this form of internet advertising, the brand owner can place a banner on his website and for every two banners that are seen on his website, one is displayed somewhere else. CPI Banner Advertising- Cost per Impression banner advertising is a type of internet advertising in which the brand owner provides a banner on someones website and pay each time someone sees it. One of the most implemented forms of banner ads, CPI works for various brands and businesses. Pay per click banner-As the name suggests, the brand owner has to pay only when someone clicks on his banner ad display. Keyword-based banner advertising- This type of banner advertising works when the brand owner specifies his keywords according to which his banner ad would appear. For example if you are the owner of a cosmetic brand, your keywords maybe- cosmetic brand, cosmetic, beauty solutions. When someone requests results from any of the mentioned keywords, your banner will appear. This attracts traffic on your site and is also an ideal means of branding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: