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Home-and-Family Many people are interested in purchasing real estate but they sometimes cringe because of unverified information. Yes, there are many misinformed potential home buyers out there and they should be enlightened as soon as possible. If you have heard some misleading notions as well, then you should make your own research to get accurate details about house and land packages, the agents and the overall industry. Anyway, here are the most common misconceptions associated with real estate that you can probably relate to: Misconception #1: Go house hunting before getting a loan. Most home buyers-especially first timers–often search for a property for sale before they apply for a loan. Nowadays, sellers won’t consider your offer unless you present a proof that a lender will help you financially. Also, by getting pre-approval letter from your loan company, you will determine the amount that you can get and you’ll have an idea on what type of house you can afford. Misconception #2: Buying a foreclosed home is the most practical option. Money is often an issue when purchasing a house, and of course, you’d want to buy a cheaper one. Some people may advise you to choose a foreclosure that offers a competitive price. However, if you think about it, the main reason why such property is shut out is financial constraint, so you can expect that the home is not properly maintained. This means that you may need to make some repairs that require you to spend more in the long run. Misconception #3: You don’t need a real estate agent. You’re perhaps thinking of ways to save money and you’d rather do everything yourself instead of hiring a professional real estate agent. That would be a very big mistake indeed! An expert has more knowledge and skills and they can help you all throughout the process so that you can make a secure decision. Misconception #4: You should look at ALL houses before deciding. Having plenty of options is important, but you don’t need to look at every single house that’s in the market. You can talk with your agent about your needs, wants and financial capacity, so that you can get a shortlist of the possible homes to choose from. Just enough selection is practical, but too many packages may bring about more confusion. Plus, it would be harder to decide if you see your preferences in several houses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: