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Health It is vital for sufferers of social anxiety disorder or social Phobia to be managing panic attacks properly. People with this disorder go through extreme nervousness and fear during social situations such as public speaking, dating, performance or even at a simple social gathering. People with social phobia are afraid to be scrutinized by others and are usually concerned that they will do something stupid or embarrassing. This excessive fear of being humiliated in front of many people can trigger panic attacks. It can feel dreadful particularly when the sufferer thinks that he has a heart attack or that he is going to die. Besides panic attacks, a person with social phobia also experiences excessive blushing, tense muscle, nausea, stuttering or high blood pressure. Most times, people affected by social phobia will try to stay away from situations which can lead them to embarrassment. They tend to be non-assertive, have low self-esteem and in severe situations are anti-social. Medications are available for managing panic attacks and social phobia. However, these medicines merely minimize the symptoms and only work temporarily rather than cure the condition. Some even have side effects that could further affect your health negatively. Exposure therapy is the best way to deal with social phobia and ultimately cure panic attacks. This will help you to overcome the anxiety on your own. The first step you will need to do is to identify what the root of your social phobia is. If you lack self-esteem or confidence on yourself, then you may need to build confidence. Social skills can be developed. You could ask help from a support group or professionals. Self-confidence is accepting that you are not perfect and making mistakes are okay. Once you accept the fact, you will not feel inferior when compared to others. If you are also experiencing panic attacks because of your social phobia, it is also helpful if you can remind yourself that it is not life threatening and it only lasts a few minutes. Try to distract yourself by counting or talking to another person if an attack hits you all of a sudden. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques is a treatment that is widely used to treat panic attacks caused by anxiety. The principle used is based on the fact that what you imagine or think can influence how you feel, thus affecting how you act or respond to situations. Therapists prefer this program because it is very structured and time consuming. CBT will help you to manage panic attacks and anxiety by using different methods including workouts to help you relax. Rather than staying away from the triggers of your panic attack, this therapy assists you to face them regardless of whether it is caused by social or emotional anxiety. A CBT program that is available in the form of self-help e-books and CD is Panic Away, which talks about the One Move technique. You can also learn about this therapy from professionals and psychotherapists. CBT programs work if you are willing to do your homework by applying all the techniques it recommends for managing panic attacks. Persistence is also the key. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: