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Real-Estate Student Renting In Edinburgh If there is a particular property that you like and you want to move on to the next stage of entering into a contract- you should start negotiating on the price. The rental amount is going to be the one which the landlord and tenant agree to. This will depend on the market rent, how many people want to rent the same property and also the amount they are willing to pay. According to the general rule, if the property is in a market where demand exceeds supply, then the landlord is less likely to do a deal. On the other hand if there is an oversupply of property in a market, there are more chances that the landlord will agree on a lower price. It is also reasonable to ask for improvements (reasonable requests) before you enter into a contract. Students mostly enter into Assured Short hold Tenancies. These mostly last for six months but can be longer. This kind of tenancy provides protection to tenant against eviction unless he breaches the responsibilities in the contract. Responsibilities of a tenant: The tenant is responsible to pay the rent and bills in due time to prevent gas, electricity or water supply from being cut off. He must also take positive measures to keep the property reasonably clean. He must dispose of the rubbish properly and throw the right items in the right places in the bin. The tenant must also not make any excessive noise so as to disturb the neighbors or create any kind or nuisance. This will put him in breach of a legal contract. Besides this he is also responsible for all the duties he has undertaken at the time of entering into the contract, e.g. looking after the garden. Moreover, the landlord is entitled to claim repossession of the end of the tenancy period by giving a two months notice. Responsibilities of the landlord: The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property he has let. He is responsible to carry out repairs on the property with regards to the bath, sinks, sanitation, structure and exterior of the property, heating and water installations etc. He must ensure that a recognized engineer carries out annual safety checks on all appliances. Landlord must have a certificate of this and provide the tenant with this certificate. The landlord must also ensure that all the electrical equipment and appliances in the property are safe for use. He must also check that all the furnishings in his property meet the fire resistant requirements. Tenants owe a duty of care towards the property and the equipments that are provided by the landlord. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: