the FileMaker server can use more RAM along with using half of the available RAM for cache. 9. Free FileMaker Go Advantages 女子刷一亿礼物 热巴时装周看秀

Computers-and-Technology Most developers were waiting eagerly for the release of FileMaker 12. The latest version of FileMaker was released in April 2013 after almost two years. Similar to its earlier versions, FileMaker 12 also enables users to create databases in a quick and hassle-free way. But the updated version comes with a set of features and functionalities that make it easier for developers to make their databases more interactive and visually stunning. Along with strong design controls, script types, new themes, and eye-catchy charting types, FileMaker 12 also comes with easy options to embed multimedia files into the database. But it requires users to upgrade their existing databases to new file formats. So the updated version of FileMaker will surely have some impact on your work and business. Also, you have to plan a comprehensive strategy to migrate to FileMaker 12 to avail several advantages. Major Impacts of FileMaker 12 on Your Work and Business 1. Migrate to an Advanced Database File Format: The users, who are yet to migrate from FileMaker 5 format, now have options to choose from two file format conversions. The update will require some amount of planning and testing. But FileMaker conversion engine allows you to easily migrate from .pf7 to .fp12. Further, the advanced infrastructure will enable you to incorporate future innovations without investing any extra time and efforts. 2. Simultaneously Upgrade Your Clients, Servers and Databases: The latest version of FileMaker will not run on the traditional systems. So you have to upgrade your clients, databases and server at a time to avail a number of advantages. However, there are chances that you may be required to invest in the latest and advanced systems. Also, your operating system must be updates to a newer version before installing FileMaker 12. 3. Query Data Internally: FileMaker 12 comes with a calculation function know as ExecuteSQL that enables you to query data internally. As the function is context independent, you can query a variety of data regardless of the table and layout. You can even use the calculation dialog to query the unrelated tables. The feature will help developers in saving time by using the SQL select statement. But the version does not support Update and Delete SQL statements, so you still have to use SQL plug-ins. 4. Several Pre-Built Themes: Most developers use pre-built themes to avoid writing lengthy codes. The FileMaker 12 seems flashy with the pre-built themes feature. These themes can be used by developers to easily build new solution from the scratch. However, you have to put some extra effort in using these themes for old solutions. So you have to maintain a balance while using the themes. It is also important to take proper backup of your solutions, before experimenting with these pre-built themes. 5. Easy to Develop New Databases: Many developers want to develop customized and innovative databases to make their applications more powerful. But a developer has to put some amount of time to develop a new database. With the new starter solutions provided by FileMaker 12, you can easily develop starting points for new databases to suit the nature and type of your application. 6. Additional Charting Types: Often users explore options to make powerful and impressive reports. Many professionals use charts to make their reports more comprehensive and stylish. FileMaker 12 comes with five new charting types. The combination of an improved user interface and these charting types enhances the effectiveness of FileMaker Charting feature. You can use this option to create several types of dynamic charts to present the FileMaker data. 7. Robust System to Secure and Backup Data: Along with enhancing the performance of your database, FileMaker 12 further allows you to keep your data secure by adopting an advanced backup system. Both FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker Server 23 Advanced are designed with incremental backup features. The features make it convenient for users to backup of their important data without having any impact on the experience of the users. The data security will further contribute towards boosting user experience. 8. 64-bit FileMaker 12 Server: The FileMaker Server 12 is designed based on the 64-bit architecture to take advantages of the high-speed server technologies. The architecture further helps you in boosting the performance of FileMaker and FileMaker Go clients. With the 64-bit architecture, the FileMaker server can use more RAM along with using half of the available RAM for cache. 9. Free FileMaker Go Advantages: Earlier, the developers building apps for Apple devices have to pay for availing the advantages of FileMaker Go. But the investment allowed them to make robust apps for iPhone and iPad by using the built-in layouts along with complete support for mobile devices. Now, you can avail the advantages of FileMaker Go without incurring any additional expenses. So you can easily deploy custom database applications to target popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 10. Improved FileMaker Go: Despite a fall in its price, FileMaker Go 12 comes with a number of advanced features that enable you to make more powerful and versatile mobile applications without putting any additional time and effort. You can use these features to directly record audio and video on the container fields, and export the information seamlessly. At the same time, the location features make it easier for you to create dynamic mobile database applications with location-aware feature. This is what makes FileMaker application development hugely popular. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: