and also their significant experience in SharePoint. Concept Searching is participating in the Search track due to its proficiency in solving challenges in the areas of search 劝退小三暴利生意 史上最假车牌查获

Concept Searching Selects As Participant In Elite Microsoft Posted By: Sydney Hardison McLean, VA, January 30, 2014 – Concept Searching, the global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software and developer of the Smart Content Framework, has been selected as a partner in the Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) program. The program began as a potent and meaningful incubation project with the Microsoft SharePoint product management team. The goal is for Microsoft partners to bring value to clients by focusing on delivering business critical solutions. Concept Searching is one of nineteen partners selected globally to participate in the new Search track. To participate in the program, partners must present a comprehensive business plan, as well as prove their ability to leverage their clients’ investments in SharePoint, demonstrate their technical expertise, and also their significant experience in SharePoint. Concept Searching is participating in the Search track due to its proficiency in solving challenges in the areas of search, records management, data privacy, migration, eDiscovery, litigation support, and social collaboration. Its solutions are delivered natively in the SharePoint and Office 365 environments. Interested readers can access information on conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptClassifier for Office 365 for details.Concept Searching GCL Concept Searching Efficient Ediscovery Litigation Support Solutions For Optimal Processes Posted By: Gladeyas Most law firms that employ older processes and tools, often struggle to cater to the increased litigation demands. Identifying evidence and assessing cases early is impeded by the enormous and growing volume of electronically stored information (ESI). With the growing number of cases to handle each month, litigation support software is an investment worth making. An effective litigation software support would help a firm manage large amounts of data and documents easily. In litigation, there is a need to pay attention to detail and eDiscovery support in litigation requires precision and order. A good litigation support uses an integrated process to handle all the functions to maintain a flexible environment that provides accurate solutions. It provides an easy and effective way to organize relevant information. Potentially important ESI (Electronically Stored Information) can be gathered within a matter of minutes, saving valuable time. An effective litigation discovery solution can help streamline your ediscovery process, thereby increasing productivity. Owing to the advanced capabilities, litigators can now start a cost and benefit analysis early in the eDiscovery process. Investing in a good solution for electronic discovery litigation ensures faster early case assessments, improved case outcomes and reduced litigation costs.eDiscovery litigation support ediscovery e Discovery eDiscovery litigation support Streamline Your Litigation Process With E-discovery Solutions Posted By: Gladeyas ediscovery litigation support ediscovery electronic discov ediscovery litigation support Optimize Your E-discovery Process With Advanced Litigation Support Solutions Posted By: Gladeyas Effective management of documents and evidence is critical to the success of law firms and corporate legal departments. And with the volume of electronically stored information (ESI) continuing to increase at an exponential rate, the costs of collecting, processing, reviewing, producing and presenting ESI can certainly become one of the most expensive items in litigation. The process of recognizing evidences and analyzing cases early is hindered by the huge and expanding rate of electronically stored information. To move your legal process in the right direction, litigation teams need to be provided with the best electronic discovery tools. It would certainly ensure a reduction in the time spent in procuring and assembling appropriate data. With effective e-discovery litigation support a law firm can manage large amounts of data and documents easily while also providing an easy and effective way to organize relevant information. Potentially important ESI (Electronically Stored Information) can be collected within a matter of minutes, saving valuable time. Organizations are looking to optimize their e-discovery process consistent with other standard business processes in order to reduce the amount of risk and money they spend on litigation.electronic discovery ediscovery electronic discovery Why Corporations & Legal Firms Are Resorting To E-discovery Solutions? Posted By: Gladeyas Today businesses are known to generate, receive as well as storage huge and expanding amounts of data. As per an analysis that was conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, almost 93 percent of all data today is established in an electronic format. Furthermore, the American Records Management (ARMA) has evaluated that approximately 90 percent of the records that are created today are in electronic format. Furthermore, more than 70 percent of the electronic data is never gets printed. Unified messaging and communication systems are going to make this issue significant worse as it adds complementary information to the already crowded data mix kinds that enterprises must monitor and retain. Need To Focus On Electronic Discovery Owing to the modifications in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FCRP) the discovery of information that is electronically saved today is an essential point of discussion in every civil case that is filed in the federal reports. Owing to an expanding number of states that are passing their own needs of electronic discovery data, electronic discovery solutions are becoming a point of discussion in many civil cases.electronic discovery ediscovery litigation support electronic discovery Resort To Ediscovery Litigation Support Solutions Posted By: Gladeyas Most legal issues today is characterized by critical court judgements that has made the majority of corporations resort to e-discovery litigation support, to address their litigation management process in a streamlined manner. Back in the year 2009 at the time of the economic downswing there has been great layoffs, vendor consolidation and contraction and some corporations were gaining momentum for outsourcing e-discovery solutions. In the recent times, the majority of law firms has ceased all head counts comprising litigation assistance, except for cases when it is required. There are also top notch firms with extensive litigation practices that continue to increase their litigation talent base. There has been instances where the elastic staffing models gained favor of ediscovery litigation support leading organizations to pace up the insourcing ediscovery platforms and tools. With the rising in-house expertise, there has been a minimized demand for external consultants. However, top ediscovery solution providers have introduced electronic discovery litigation solutions that lead to enhanced legal case results, lesser litigation expenses, quicker early case assessments to name a few.ediscovery litigation support electronic discovery ediscovery litigation support Electronic Discovery Litigation Support Streamlining Legal Workflow Posted By: Gladeyas Technology with its impact on every aspect of business transaction and communication process has led most of the data and information to be present in electronic form. Because of its intangible form, volume of transactions , transience and durability digital data is considered different from paper-based ones. Further unlike the paper documents these are accompanied by a recorded date and time of the document being saved and edited. These meta data play an important part in the electronic discovery process as evidence in case of legal issues. Electronic discovery or e-discovery refers to the mechanism of extraction of electronically stored information in any format from the storage devices and the corporate networks. E-discovery process involves a wide array of professionals from lawyers to forensic experts and IT managers. The electronic discovery litigation support professionals extract and analyze the evidence collected using digital forensic procedures. These are then converted to a format that can be used in the legal proceedings. The continuous and unprecedented growth of electronically stored information has challenged organizations with e discovery of information stored using new age resources and like cloud computing and web tools.electronic discovery legal disclosure electronic discovery Managing Corporate Investigations With E-discovery Posted By: Gladeyas corporate investigation e-discovery Internal Investigation corporate investigation Enhancing Case Strategies With Effective Early Case Assessment Posted By: Gladeyas Early Case Assessment legal hold eDiscovery tools Early Case Assessment Significance Of Frcp In Ediscovery Posted By: Gladeyas Preservation of electronic records for litigation purposes has led to the initiation of many compliance regulations, such as the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure). Per FRCP rules, enterprises need to instate definitive data retention policies to facilitate the identification and accessibility of relevant data on demand. Culling data for eDiscovery is a complex job, and with data increasing at an alarming rate, the process has become rather perplexing. When enterprises are incapable of producing relevant data in federal court, they are subject to fines and even grave penalties like imprisonment. Most of the time organizations fail to produce legal data when lawyers are not well-versed in the technical procedures. With varying standards being employed for the purposes of managing, storing, organizing and retrieving data, ESI has become an expensive process. Thus some amendments have been incorporated into the FRCP to review the practices employed and make changes so that legal records are stored in an organized manner and can be accessed without wasting precious time. The FRCP amendments address very critical issues since it has become extremely important to control costs and save time.eDiscovery process litigation support FRCP eDiscovery process Searching For The Right Ediscovery Vendor Posted By: Gladeyas Organizations involved in litigation cases can find themselves in a precarious situation because eDiscovery procedures can upset the budget when not handled correctly. eDiscovery is a complex process involving the identification, collection, preservation and retention of ESI. If this process is not handled in an organized manner it can lead to negative and worthless results. An eDiscovery vendor can provide respite to organizations with their expertise and help build a strong case. Thus the selection of the right vendor is extremely important. Know more on ediscovery litigation support There are many vendors out there who offer every possible service. Most organizations choose vendors on the basis of how economical they are, which is definitely not a wise way to make a decision. To choose a vendor you need to assess their capabilities. How do you assess their qualities? Here are some pointers that will help you choose your eDiscovery vendor. Track Record An experienced vendor who has achieved a fair amount of success will be best suited for this task.eDiscovery ediscovery litigation support eDiscovery search eDiscovery Is Ediscovery A Concern For Cios? Posted By: Gladeyas early case assessments litigation discovery early case assessments Ediscovery Support: Importance And Significance For Law Firms Posted By: Gladeyas eDiscovery support has unraveled a promising future for the legal world. It expends the services of litigation support to the filtering, reviewing and producing of evidence in a simple manner, devoid of any errors. This facilitates the consolidation of all materials to be archived into a database, thereby making the search operation a simple one. Through the process of eDiscovery, any electronic data, like email or video files, can be extracted and used as evidence for legal matters. eDiscovery in litigation has become an integral part of legal notices. Litigation support also helps attorneys focus on the basic aspects of a particular case. After a basic understanding of the preliminary data, the consultants analyze the previous legal actions that are pertinent to the case and then proceed to do research on the status of the present laws. eDiscovery is therefore a rather dexterous device for organizations that have numerous operating units across numerous locations. It helps in gathering documents from all locations worldwide, thereby ensuring minimal wasting of time in locating specific documents pertaining to trials. eDiscovery support aims at providing a simple controlling system of collecting evidence to assist and support litigation issues.eDiscovery Electronic Discovery eDiscovery Ediscovery Support For Government Agencies Posted By: Gladeyas With the proliferation of information distribution media, ESI has become an inseparable part of legal proceedings. Lawsuit notifications are the first indication to opposing parties to gear up for the mammoth task of procuring relevant evidence to help the courts reach a decision. Those unable to produce evidential material or those found resorting to intentional spoliation of data are liable to be legally prosecuted with severe consequences. Conducting eDiscovery proceedings can be unnerving. They require a great deal of patience and perseverance as the steps are quite lengthy and time consuming, which also means they have large impacts on budgets. The results can be unfair if the right procedures are not executed, leaving some with embittered experiences. This is a disadvantageous situation for government agencies involved in litigation as they are inundated with large masses of information, from which retrieving the most important data is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Government agencies have to disseminate information to the public on a large scale. The presence of innovative technological tools, such as email, blogs, feeds, instant messaging systems, etc., have added to the burden of sifting relevant information.eDiscovery tools eDiscovery litigation support eDiscovery tools Ediscovery Best Practices: Evolving Standards Posted By: brianwarren eDiscovery is weighing heavily on civil litigation with the exponential growth of electronically stored information (ESI) and recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that force assessment and handling of ESI early in litigation. Corporations have to preserve potentially relevant information and prevent the destruction or alteration of documents when they are faced with government internal investigations and anticipated or pending litigations. With the number of litigations increasing, reviewing documents for relevance, privilege and more is becoming a very expensive affair for organizations. The dedicated army of attorneys required to analyze this vast amount of data is becoming a problem, especially in these hard economic times. So what exactly are the best practices when it comes to electronic discovery? What do companies on the receiving end of broad production demands do to meet their ediscovery obligations? This is a question attorneys frequently ask themselves and others when trying to assess litigation readiness processes. When assessing eDiscovery practices, one needs to keep in mind the litigation processes an organization is going through so that improvements can be made to them to comply with best practices.eDiscovery Litigation Support internal investigations int eDiscovery Growing Trends In Ediscovery Litigation Posted By: brianwarren It has certainly been a while since eDiscovery has become an indispensable part of litigation. There are noticeable trends that eDiscovery litigation has brought with its growth. Here are a few of them: · Owing to advanced eDiscovery capabilties, litigators can now enter into cost benefit analysis early on in the eDiscovery process. · Electronic documents, including images, placed online on a secured database grant everyone associated with the case access to these files. This reduces the number of copies made of these files/documents, thus ensuring money is saved on every copy. · With eDiscovery litigation support, determination of documents relevant to the case has become quicker, ensuring that billable hours are considerably reduced. · Even as the case progresses, eDiscovery helps ensure that all evidence is in a secure and convenient online file. The costs incurred while doing so are generally passed on to the client. · With the brisk growth rate of electronically stored information, companies wrestle with risks to information from fresh sources like cloud computing, virtualization, etc.eDiscovery eDiscovery tool eDiscovery litigation support eDiscovery Finding A Cost-effective Solution For Lawsuits With Ediscovery Posted By: brianwarren The use of electronic information or ediscovery solutions has unraveled a promising future for the legal world. Large corporations engaged in legal battles can find relief in the management of their court cases. Through the ediscovery process, any electronic data such as emails, audio and video files, spreadsheets and documents can be extracted and used as evidence for legal matters. Financial institutions are often affected by legal issues. They are usually involved in multiple lawsuits and it is quite a daunting task for them to provide evidences and proofs on time. The assistance they seek is not enough and often misleading and they pay a heavy price for it. Time and again all their efforts to acquire an solution matching all of their requirements are in vain. Precedence over the outdated retrieval system The conventional method of conducting legal cases proved to be cumbersome with inadequate or missing evidences that worked unfavorably. It is possible legal trials end unfairly due to destroyed or tampered physical evidences such as paper documents and agreements. To procure legitimate evidences organizations had to employ lengthy processes which made negative impacts on their budget.ediscovery litigation support software litigation software ediscovery 相关的主题文章: