5 million 950 thousand dollars! Kennedy, former president of the United States to reduce the sale of 9c8996

5 million 950 thousand dollars! Former US President Kennedy country estate sale Sohu – former U.S. President Kennedy Virginia in the real estate sale, priced at $5 million 950 thousand, compared with $10 million 990 thousand in 2013, the first listing price cut by a large margin. Kennedy’s wife, former first lady Jacqueline · Kennedy always wanted to have a vacation near Washington, 1962, she persuaded Kennedy bought the estate, and personally involved in the design, will be named "Wexford". At that time the construction cost of $127 thousand, is reported to be paid by Kennedy’s father Joe Kennedy. Jacqueline also had to oversee the renovation design of the building many letters of thanks, which wrote in a letter: "you have done a wonderful job, this house is a real dream, very perfect, I hope we can stay here for a long time." But Kennedy’s family only lived here for three weeks, Kennedy was assassinated in November 22, 1963. In the years that followed, Jacqueline sold the house. Later, the area of real estate expanded more than four times, but the room layout is still maintained the design of the Kennedy era, the four bedrooms, bathrooms are maintained at the initial size of 4.5. The room is warm and comfortable interior style, fireplace, bookcase, lighting is shown in figure. Outdoor, is a garden style backyard, rooftop, swimming pool, tennis courts, a natural green. Kennedy love riding, so outdoor also has a horse farm and riding the runway, the daughter of Kennedy Caroline · Kennedy was here riding a pony, play play. In 1980s, Reagan during the presidential campaign, from the Kennedy family had rented the house for his rest, especially in rehearsal he and Jimmy – Carter debate, it provides a good place to rest. 2013, the first listing of the property, asking price as high as $10 million 990 thousand. Today the house after several hands down, re listing price of $5 million 950 thousand. The economy is called the property owner is only here as an occasional resort, so do not worry about selling.相关的主题文章: