45Shaanxi Changqing oilfield pipeline corrosion cracking due to leakage of crude oil after rehabilitat|Shaanxi Changqing oilfield pipeline corrosion cracking due to leakage of crude oil after rehabilitat6

Shaanxi Changqing oilfield pipeline corrosion cracking due to leakage of crude oil in Shaanxi oilfield is dealing with the aftermath of the pipeline due to corrosion cracking leakage of crude oil pollution in forest, dealing with the aftermath of complete source: surging news in August 31st, according to the Shaanxi Changqing Oilfield crude oil leakage pollution forest, Changqing Oil Field oil four factory Huaziping area responsible person said the surging news, because the corrosion of pipeline rupture caused by the outflow of the oil-water mixture of about 1.9, has been dealt with, the production is gradually restored, the aftermath of the ongoing negotiation process. In August 31st, Shaanxi Yanan more than micro-blog online posting said, in August 30th 17, is located in Ansai County of Yanan city town of Shaanxi Province, the Changqing Oilfield four plants Huaziping area pollution of oil spill occurred, dozens of acres of woodland, at least 5 tons of crude oil leakage. In this regard, Changqing Oilfield four plants in Huaziping area responded that the person in charge, the outflow of the oil-water mixture is about 300 meters long and irregular width, the width of about 3 meters, the width is the most narrow canal below 0.5 meters, the whole area of less than 1 acres. Under the guidance of the town of Ansai sub Ping town government, the production team has reached an agreement with the views of the villagers, the aftermath is being carried out. 31, Changqing Oilfield four plant Huaziping area responsible person told the surging news, August 30th 17, Ansai oil four plants Huaziping Area Pipeline Corrosion rupture caused by a small amount of oil outflow, rapid disposal, effective prevention of danger further. Oil production plant four sub Ping area technical staff Peng introduced, the rupture is a single well pipeline, the site is located in the town of a village on the hillside. After the discovery of danger, patrol workers immediately reported to the operating area of the control center, and then the operating area of emergency emergency plan, emergency rescue personnel. At the same time, the situation will be reported to the Ansai county environmental protection bureau. Oil four factory Huaziping area responsible person, the entire site cleanup work about more than 4 hours, mainly to the outflow of the oil-water mixture to clean up the whole process of bagging recycling, the environmental protection department in the field of supervision and cleaning. As of August 31st at 2 am, the staff has been corroded and damaged pipeline made welding repair, production has been gradually restored. Oil production plant four sub Ping area told the surging news, has been reached with the views of contaminated woodland villagers. Although most of the pollutants have been cleaned up, but will arrange for staff to continue to check the scene again, to ensure that the scene clean up thoroughly. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion

53Postpartum thin effect is poor Look at these secret recipes! Sohu -|Postpartum thin effect is poor Look at these secret recipes! Sohu -2

Postpartum thin effect is poor? Look at these secret recipes! Sohu maternal and child mothers in order to get rid of excess body fat stored during pregnancy, reducing food consumption is not desirable. Shrink diet will not only affect the secretion of milk, is not conducive to postpartum recovery. Reasonable adjustment of diet structure is more scientific, not only to take care of the infant feeding, but also ensure the maternal health, and achieve the purpose of no weight gain or loss. Figure 1, replace the recovery postpartum kitchen food type kitchen cabinet and refrigerator in some high fat foods removed. To put on fresh fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread and other cereal, low-fat dairy, low-fat, low calorie snacks or snacks. Go out to buy food, should pay attention to choose to buy bread, pasta, beans, grains and vegetables in legumes such as beans, green beans, etc.. 2, the recommended method of food (1) breakfast drink a cup of 100% fruit or vegetable juice or eat a piece of fresh fruit. (2) choosing skim milk products, drink milk, drink milk can boil if, after the above to remove it. (3) tomato, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, onion, pepper and other vegetables can be eaten raw fruit slices in bread, cake or Steamed Buns. (4) eat more carrot or celery stems for lunch, but not too much soy sauce or other condiments. (5) to cook meat, skin, and visceral fat should be removed, take part in removing fat meat. (6) use oil free broth instead of cooking oil, cook fish and meat with water or tomato sauce, and eat less fried foods. Postpartum physical recovery and physical exercise (1) not to take the elevator upstairs but to take their own stairs, a short walk away but not on foot. (2) pushing the baby stroller to the outdoors, the choice of climbing Road, fast walking, holding the baby is also a good exercise. (3) in brushing, bathing, cooking, cleaning the room when whenever and wherever possible do abdomen exercise, exercise abdominal muscles. (4) can make use of the spare time of one or two minutes to do this kind of movement. Facing the wall, two arm horizontally placed on the chest, supported on the wall, feet slightly farther away from the walls, the upper part of the body to the wall forward. Then, two arms push the wall, make the body away from the wall, repeated several times. (5) when the telephone or do other things, can lift the heel, tighten the abdominal muscles well hips; can also be a leg knee lift, make it as close to the upper part of the body, and then down, two exchange can also be faded; the maximum lateral leg lift, and then accept the exchange and legs; which way is a leg protruding backward, lifted, and slightly bent, then slowly return to the original position. These exercises can exercise leg and arm muscles, reduce fat. (6) the back wall, back, shoulders, hips and heels all affixed to the wall, then slowly lift your arms out, along the wall to the top of the head, repeated several times. Exercise should pay attention to the following aspects (1) postpartum exercise should be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise should be gradual, start the exercise time should not be too early, it is best to wait until 4 weeks postpartum began to exercise, at least until the vaginal secretion dry: